With ME awareness week upon us it’s been an interesting couple of months. We’ve been trialling Facebook Live to broadcast the first half of our meetings to those who are unable to travel to Nucleus Arts in Chatham. We’ve had a few brain fog related technical glitches! But once we get there I think this will be a great opportunity to make our meetings accessible to so many more people and it will be interesting to see how many virtual attendees we get.

Our social this month just about coincides with the end of ME awareness week and we’re having a meal out to the Bredhurst Bell. It’s fantastic that I’ve booked a table for 15 people!! Other socials over the next couple of months will include a trip to the Royal Engineers Museum in Gillingham and our annual beach trip which tis year will be to Minster on Sea on the Isle of Sheppey . I still need to work out what we’re doing next month though!

It certainly has been a challenge for me juggling the socials whilst working and everything else I do but I hope you’re all enjoying them! 🙂

Katie x

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