RVS is still fighting it’s potential closure but to secure our meeting dates we have found a lovely new venue at Nucleus Arts Centre in Chatham.

They have a lovely roomy conference room with tables and chairs like RVS but it also has a little sofa area which will be nice for the informal half of the meeting!

We can still buy hot drinks like we did at RVS at the actual café and take them round to the Conference Room. Another added bonus is an outside decked area for the warmer months! This room is also a little bigger so will have the space for our group to grow and have more members at the meetings.

So all in all it’s another positive step forward for NKMEFF.

Our next meeting on Tuesday 27th February will be the last one at RVS and then all future meeting will be at Nucleus Arts Centre. The full address and details can be found on the Meetings page of the website.

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