I realise I’m a bit behind with this but I would just like to wish a Happy New Year to all our members and best wishes for a healthier year!

We had a lovely christmas meal at the beginning of December which marked a wonderful celebration to close our first year as North Kent ME and Fibro Family. We had a record turnout of 27 people! All squished round three tables with many laughs had and much food eaten!

For a second year in a row Sarah Ward surprised the committee with a huge donation of money that she had raised by doing another raffle for two beautiful Christmas hampers! This time she raised even more than last year with a grand total of £280! This fantastic news also meant that we had reached one of our targets which was to have £1000 in the group’s bank account by the end of year one!

At the start our second year there are a couple of changes. Katie will now be organising the group socials, the first of which is a trip to Playopolis Board Game Cafe in Rochester. Date TBC. If you have any ideas for socials please get in touch with Katie. Details of socials will be posted on the Socials section of the website and in greater detail in an event page on the Facebook group.

Sadly at the end of last year Emma Gapper stepped down as Secretary of the group and nominations are now open for her replacement. If you would like to put yourself forward for this role or would like some more information please message Jon. You can do this on facebook via the private message function or send an email to the address on this website’s Contact Us page.

In the interim period Nicky has done a fantastic job filling in and supporting Katie and Jon and we would just like to thank her for all her hard work.



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