9th August 2017 – Official HMRC Recognition For Our Group

Fantastic news!!! After two attempts our group has been fully recognised by the HMRC allowing us to claim Gift Aid on donations. We have built a full constitution which the HMRC accepted after some changes from the first draft which had been rejected. It means that not only is the group run lawfully and fairly but also shows larger companies who may wish to donate that we are a well-run and a forward thinking group. We have learned from history that we do not wish to just remain a small Facebook page group but one that reaches out into the community to try to help others far more than ever before. A HUGE thank you to Nicky from the entire group for her amazing help in sorting out the second draft. Had it not been for her hard work we may still be on the fiftieth draft!

25th July 2017 – NKMEFF Hit the Beach

The annual group day trip was a fantastic day at Minnis Bay that started with the clouds looking threatening but within an hour the sun was out and we were lounging on the beach. All was going well until all the beaches were under water and the sea brought with it half the globes sea weed! But we camped on the promenade and enjoyed many laughs and coffees. Keep thinking about where you would like the group trip to be next year. It will come round fast I bet!

6th July 2017 – NKMEFF In The News

Great to see Medway Messenger covering the story regarding our new emblem launch. A great picture with the group surrounding Sarah Ward and Katie Gurdler who pressed the button on the laptop to launch it globally!!!

It is a Phoenix showing our rise from the ashes of a past group but many have said part of it looks like a dove too. So we have said that side of things show the peace within the group…..even if it was not meant to look that way. And if people want to come up with a name for the emblem we would love to hear your suggestions, but please do keep them clean haha.

22nd June 2017 New Committee In Place For NKMEFF

After an online request for committee candidates and a meeting vote we have voted in Jon Ramage as Chairman, Emma Gapper as our Secretary and Katie Gurdler as our Treasurer.

Although a committee has had to be formed we FIRMLY stand by the thought that ALL members are equal and as the past two months have shown, so many members have already worked so hard for the group and we are all very grateful for that help.