An insight into living with Fibromyalgia from one of our members, Alison Temple:

I will be real and honest about how Fibromyalgia affects your life. These are just a few personal examples….sometimes it’s too painful and exhausting to wash and dry my hair, I find socialising with lots of people too much, I can’t tolerate alcohol, shopping is so tiring, standing and sitting too long causes fatigue and pain, I have to have regular routines, it’s difficult to deal with lots of different things, I have to limit what I do, housework is hard to keep up with, cooking a meal is sometimes exhausting.

You lose so much, relationships with partners, family and friends are affected. You are not able to be the person you once were. All your strength is being used to get through the day, there’s nothing left for anything or anyone else afterwards. You feel like you let people down. I had to give up the things I enjoy, dance classes, walking, travelling, cycling, I have to conserve all my energy for work and finances are reduced.

You end up worrying about the future and feel your life is worthless which leads to anxiety and periods depression. I hate to be negative but this is the reality of how it is. I know because this is how I felt and on occasions still do, however there is hope and ways of managing life with Fibromyalgia that makes you feel happier and boosts your self confidence again. It means changing how you think and feel about yourself which is a tough journey but worth taking the time and effort to make.

Thank you for reading this if you made it to the end your support for those coping with an invisible illness is greatly appreciated.

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