There are an estimated 250,000 people in the UK with Fibromyalgia yet it can take months/years to diagnose as there are no specific tests or investigations that detect it. It’s a long process of elimination.

Even most GP’s have limited knowledge and awareness of the condition. You are usually referred to a Rheumatologist who should take a detailed and comprehensive account of your past and present medical/personal history. It’s best to be open and honest as anything can be significant.

An examination involves applying pressure to 18-21 specific “tender” or “trigger” points over the body which Fibromyalgia patients react to as extreme pain.

There is no cure so you are prescribed antidepressants and/or anticonvulsants to relieve pain and sleep deprivation, however this can start a cycle of relying solely on medication which has side effects.

By attending a Specialist Unit at Guys, Kings or UCLH you will be given the best advice on how to manage the symptoms holistically. Unfortunately due to lack of awareness you will have to be persistent in requesting your GP to refer you to these services and there is a long waiting list.

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