Group member Alison Temple writes about her experience:

Although there is no established cause, the most recognised reason for all the symptoms of Fibromyagia is deregulation or ” mis-firing” of neurotransmitters in the brain. This can happen if you have had an accident/injury or extreme movement involving the head and/or experienced deep emotional trauma.

Prior to symptoms I was helping mum care for dad, who had dementia and lung cancer, when he was in hospital and at home for nine months. During this time I also had a lot of stress at work.

After we lost Dad and during the first few months of grieving, my mum had an accident and had problems coming out of anaesthetic after the op. She was left with a disability of her right arm.

On the evening I picked her up from hospital a transit van decided to hit me on the drivers side, which violently spun the car around. I had whiplash and backache for a few months but thought nothing of it.

Although I didn’t realise it as Fibromyalgia at the time, the symptoms started a month later.

I hope my experience raises awareness for you and for others. So please look after each other and don’t be too quick to make assumptions or excuses if someone seems to be struggling.

I appreciate you taking time to read this for Fibromyalgia Awareness Week x x x x x x

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